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Vantage Commercial Represents Local Business with Relocation in South Jersey

Posted on Mar 3, 2021

Cherry Hill, NJ [March 26, 2021] – Vantage Commercial is thrilled to announce another successful office lease, this time at 30 Jackson Road, Medford, NJ. The location—a spacious, modern facility within a newly renovated 2-story office building —is easily accessible from Route 70, Tuckerton Road and Taunton Blvd.

Ken Richardson, Executive Director, and Emily Stein, Director of Healthcare Services at Vantage Commercial, worked closely with a local professional services provider to identify a location for the relocation and secure a lease for the new office space.

“The business will be well positioned for success and future growth within Jackson Commons in Medford. The newly-created space will be welcoming and efficient for their clients.  During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more critical to have a strong understanding of the market. Our relationships with landlords, including Green Jade Properties, LLC, become even more important as we all need to be able to service clients during challenging times,” Richardson said.

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